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Meradog - Long live the dog


This guiding principle accurately describes the philosophy of our Meradog brand.

That is because, for over 60 years, Meradog has stood for professional and particularly high-quality food for dogs in each phase of life.  Dogs enrich our lives - they are faithful partners, friends and helpers for people. They deserve very special care and support. The dietary program by Meradog plays an important role here because it provides very good nutrition for dogs. 

Feeding dogs the right way.

It is a basic principle of the Meradog brand to provide dogs with tasty products which are at the cutting edge of nutritional science. The high-quality food for dogs has been produced in Kevelaer on the lower Rhine for more than 60 years, now known by the name of Meradog. With its very solid knowledge of dogs' needs, Meradog develops advanced dietary concepts which make the dogs' lives the primary focus. 

From puppy to senior dog.

All Meradog products meet the constantly growing demands placed on a healthy and responsible diet for dogs at a level which is at a remarkably high level of quality. The innovative food recipes are developed and tested by nutritionists. They company high-quality and natural ingredients with which special needs of dogs can be covered in the different life phases in a systematic manner. Using this as a basis, Meradog offers an extensive and varied line of stand-alone products for all life phases - from puppy to senior.  The product line is rounded out with Meradog snacks and a line of Meradog tasty baked goods.

Certified Quality

The dog food, which is always setting higher standards in innovation, quality, and digestibility, is produced at one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Meradog provides your dog with the exceptional MERA quality in every phase of its life: We use only the raw materials from healthy animals whose meat is intended for human consumption - monitored and confirmed by official veterinarians.